Thursday, May 19 2016 20:39 EEST
Watch: Taras Khymych presents trailer of 'Alive' in Lviv and Cannes
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Director Taras Khymych presented an official trailer of his new movie "Alive.' The first footage was shown in Lviv and the Cannes Film Market.

'I can say that a lot of different companies became interested in our 'Alive' in Cannes, I can hope that the product will have its own life outside of Ukraine. I think, the movie is very actual for Ukraine, because it helps people to compare their lives to understand and experience a lot of things and to go out with positive charge,' the movie’s director, cameraman and script writer Taras Khymych said.

'ALive' is based on real events from the life of Hanna Popovych, the mountain woman from Nadvirna. She had the gift of foresight, joined the UPA, faced repressions, but preserved her light.

'You can learn a lot from Hanna Popovych, especially from her strength of mind,' leading actor Olga Komanovska admitted.

The first night of 'Alive' is to happen this fall. All the video has been shot. They are working on the movie editing and a composer is writing music and dealing with sounds.

'Our music will be more classical. There are even some interesting points like atmospheric sounds. We are working with a man who collects the sounds of winds, rain, different atmospheres, as they call them. And he agreed to give us some tracks,' the composer, sound producer and script writer Lubomyr Solomchenko noted.

Oleksandr Polozhynskiy and Bouvier band sang at the trailer’s presentation as they are creators and performers of the soundtrack for the movie.

'I know Hanna’s story. I know that it’ll be shown in the movie. Both the content and the form of the song came from there. This is not that I saw a bird in the sky and made up this. No, I was inspired by this,' Oleksandr Polozhynskiy says.

As reported earlier to the, British actor Tom Hiddlestone joined Emergency Lessons campaign and supported children who were forced to leave schools due to military actions in Ukraine.

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