Thursday, May 19 2016 17:25 EEST
Ukrainian scripter won award for best screenplay at Cannes
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The director and script writer Marysya Nikitiuk received €10,000 for further production of the movie. Ukrainian movie maker and script writer Marysya Nikitiuk got the ScripTeast Award at Cannes for her script 'When trees fall,' producer Igor Savychenko wrote on his page in Facebook.

Besides honorable award, Nikitiuk’s script also received €10,000 for further production of the movie.

The Advisory Board explains its decision as follows: 'This year's ScripTeast Award named after Krzysztof Kieślowski is given to a script with incredible cinematic potential. The intoxicating cluster of characters and narratives that was made to create an extraordinary world – horrible, magical, sensual, exciting and always extremely real at the same time. The writer’s imagination stunningly plays on the script’s pages and we are looking forward to on-screen embodiment of the author's vision.'

'This is a very happy event for me and for the movie’s project in general. Although it is a great responsibility. Ukraine participated in the program of ScripTeast for the first time and I hope that the victory of my script has started a good tradition for Ukrainian authors and directors,' the winner said.

According to the producer, Cinema Directory is dealing with the movie. The start of shooting is planned for this August.

The 69th Cannes Film Festival started on May 11 and will last up to May 22.

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