Thursday, May 19 2016 16:19 EEST
'You are the only one' - Lazarev’s song opened Jamala’s press-conference
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Press-conference of the new 'Eurovision' winner Jamala started from the discomfiture. The song 'You Are the Only One' by Sergey Lazarev ironically started to sound at the beginning of the event, which became a total surprise to everyone who attended it.

The organizers of Jamala’s press-conference mistakenly turned on Sergey Lazarev’s song, with which he presented Russia at the 'Eurovision'. The audio record started to sound at the very moment when our honored singer entered into the hall, where journalists were waiting for her, PolitNavigator reports.

'It’s very strange that we start the press-conference with Lazarev’s song,' – noted PR Manager of the Ukrainian singer Dennis Kozlowski.

Some spectators, who were watching a live broadcast of the event on the channel UkrinformTV on YouTube, were incredibly outraged by this amusing mistake. 

'UkrinformTV – the Ukrainian singer is about to make her speech in Ukraine, and you turn on the song by Lazarev! This is the height of absurdity! You guys are freaking idiots,' – Internet user Alex Nazarenko reacted. However, he deleted his comment a while later.

Jamala didn’t comment the incident; she only smiled when she heard the song of her rival.

Despite any mishaps, the unquestionable fact is that Ukrainian singer Jamala has won this year’s 'Eurovision' with her rebellious song '1944', which tells about the deportation of Crimean Tatars. Korean-born Australian singer Dami Im with her song 'Sound Of Silence' became second place winner, while Russian participant Sergey Lazarev obtained third place, having become the winner of the spectator voting.  

As reported earlier to the, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that the song of Eurovision-2016’s winner Jamala had an original Tatar title 'Crimea is ours'.

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