Thursday, May 19 2016 04:24 EEST
President Poroshenko’s warriors won the Bodyguard-2016
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The presidential bodyguards became the best in the championship. Ukrainian president’s Security Service Team got the 1st place in the European Cup Combined Events Bodyguard-2016. It was reported by the press service of the State Guard.

The championship was held in Bulgaria on May 14-17. The competition was attended by 15 teams of the strongest bodyguards from different European countries: Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania and Poland.

According to the presented information, Ukraine was represented by 5 teams there: the presidential Security Service, the State Guard (women), Bodyguards’ Federation of Dnepropetrovsk and Ukraine’s National Police (male and female teams).

The program of the competition included the whole range of key areas related to the practice of personal protection: technique and tactics of security measures, martial arts, fire preparation, driving safety and pre-medical assistance.

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