Thursday, May 19 2016 00:01 EEST
IOC is sure and angry: There is no place for Russia in the Olympics
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Russian team can be banned from participation in the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. This will be possible if the investigation of the World Anti-Doping Agency confirms that Russian athletes took doping with the assistance of public authorities.

The head of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach said that the Russian athletes could miss the Olympic Games this year. The ultimate fate of the Russian national team will become clear after the announcement of the World Anti-Doping Agency’s investigation (WADA).

'If they present any confirmation of organized and comprehensive doping system that involves various kinds of sport, international federations and the IOC will have to make a difficult decision between collective responsibility and individual justice,' Bach said.

At the same time, the athletes will have to prove the fact that their samples are taken in accordance with the IOC rules and all the necessary procedures themselves.

The IOC reacted to the information revealed by the former head of Moscow's anti-doping laboratory Grigoriy Rodchenkov, who said that Russian athletes took doping under the control of special services during the Olympic Games in Sochi. At least 15 Olympic athletes are suspected of taking doping.

As reported earlier to the, Russian singer Sergey Lazarev said about his Eurovision defeat: 'I felt so abashed that I was at a loss for words'.

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