Wednesday, May 18 2016 22:30 EEST
Russia offered to send the ensemble of the Armed forces to Eurovision 2017
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Milonov thinks that it’s better for the Russian Federation to refuse to participate in this contest from now forward.

Scandalous Russian deputy of the Petersburg Legislative Assembly Vitaly Milonov sent a message to the Russian organizing Committee of Eurovision, proposing to choose performers from the ensemble of music, song and dance of the Armed Forces of Russia for the next song contest in 2017.

'Such move of our country will become a completely unambiguous message concerning the entire competition, its political constituent and its venue,' – RIA Novosti cites Milonov.

The deputy also suggested refusing from Russia’s participation in this contest in the future because of its 'complete spiritual deprivation and incompatibility with traditions of Russian singing.'

Tatar-Ukrainian singer Jamala has won the song contest Eurovision 2016. According to the rules of the popular competition, the next Eurovision should take place in Ukraine.

It should also be mentioned that Vitaly Milonov is infamous for his scandalous statements. He is the author of the law that bans so-called 'gay propaganda'. He also proposed to penalize residents of Saint Petersburg who would appear bare-chested in public places, incur a criminal liability for administrators and subscribers of gay Internet communities, and also prohibit riding bicycles without special licenses. Besides these awkward initiatives, Milonov proposed to recognize childfree as extremist activity. 

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