Wednesday, May 18 2016 17:24 EEST
Sergey Lazarev about his Eurovision defeat: 'I felt so abashed that I was at a loss for words'
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The singer was waiting for the results as for the verdict. Sergey Lazarev, who took third place at the Eurovision 2016, commented the overall results of the music contest to

'I have never gone through such a tormenting procedure, – Sergey confessed. – I was waiting for the final result of my performance as for the announcement of the verdict. And when I heard the verdict, my mind exploded. I was so abashed that I couldn’t speak and didn’t know how to behave. The resentment was about to break loose… I confusingly looked at Kirkorov and saw a call for calm in his eyes. 'Everything is all right, Serezha, you surely understand it all…'– he tried to calm me down despite the fact that everything was thrumming inside me. It’s offensive when everyone believes in your victory, but someone can easily impede it. I, as a musician, saw the advantage of my performance during rehearsals and the first semi-final. However, I realized deep inside that not everything is transparent in this contest, and the situation related to my country, the attitude of Europe towards it would become evident. I persistently banished this compulsive idea, but, unfortunately...' – the singer told.

As reported earlier to the, Eurovision 2017 will be opened only for those Russians who recognize Russia’s crimes against Ukraine.

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