Wednesday, May 18 2016 16:09 EEST
Turkish President personally congratulated Jamala on her victory at the Eurovision
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Erdogan wished the Ukrainian singer new achievements in her further career. President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan congratulated the Ukrainian singer Jamala on her brilliant victory at the 'Eurovision', which was held in Stockholm (Sweden), the Turkish National News Agency Anadolu reports with reference to sources of Erdogan’s administration. It was reported by the Turkish presidential administration that Erdogan called the Crimean Tatar singer in the morning on May 16 and wished every success in her future career.

Jamala expressed her gratitude, saying that she was deeply touched by congratulations of the Turkish leader. As earlier mentioned, Ukrainian singer Jamala has won the 61st song contest 'Eurovision-2016', which took place in Stockholm (Sweden), with her frank song '1944' about the outrages committed upon Crimean Tatars. According to the voting results of the national juries of countries that have participated in the 'Eurovision-2016' as well as SMS-voting of the spectators, Jamala obtained 534 points.

The rules of the contest predetermine that the next Eurovision should be held in home country of the singer, who won the previous competition. For this reason, the song contest 'Eurovision-2017' will be hosted in Ukraine. 

As reported earlier to the, Ukraine opens military cooperation with Turkey in Black Sea. Taking into account importance of the geopolitical situation in the Black Sea, the military cooperation with Turkey as a strategic partner of Ukraine is going on. The cooperation between Ankara and Kyiv has gained additional significance.

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