Wednesday, May 18 2016 02:23 EEST
Russian singer Kobzon decides to become the oldest participant of Eurovision 2017
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The aged singer and State Duma deputy Iosif Kobzon decided to defend Russian honor at Eurovision 2017 personally. He even isn’t afraid to go to Ukraine, which he hates.

Iosif Kobzon has never participated in the most prestigious European song contest, but decided to fill this gap in his old age. Seems like the singer decided that he is to get into the world’s history - if not as the winner, then as the oldest participant for sure. At the time of the next contest he will be almost 79! (he was born on 11 September, 1937, and will celebrate his 80th birthday in a few months after the Eurovision).

However, it could be difficult for him to take part in the contest not due to bad health, as one might think taking into consideration the artist’s age, but because of political reasons: Ukraine considers Kobzon to be persona non grata for his active support of the LPR and DPR terrorist groups.

However, the maître of Soviet music used to bend and change political views, if this or that moment requested so. This time Iosif Kobzon is ready to perform a song in Ukrainian for Kiev’s Eurovision – just to make Ukrainian authorities delete him from the black list. Sure some questions may arise. How, for example, Russian citizens would react to such an action?

At the same time, Kobzon requires the lifting of sanctions which were imposed on him in Europe. Due to his age he could forget that Ukraine isn’t yet the EU member yet, although it’s eager to join the union.

As reported earlier to the, the Eurovision song contest that will take place in Ukraine is opened only for those Russians who don’t support Putin's aggressive policy against our country.

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