Wednesday, May 18 2016 02:04 EEST
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We can win not only Eurovision: Ukrainian project of Mars aerial vehicle sensationally became the leader in NASA contest
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Ukrainian inventors took part in this project for the first time, but they have real chances to win. This year the contest includes 1287 projects, but only five of them have reached the final vote.

Besides Ukraine the three leaders include the Avis project from Macedonia and the MartianOasis aerial vehicle that belongs to inventors from Bangladesh. The five finalists include Belorussian WakeupNEO project and American hypnos.

The project of the Mars Hopper aircraft developed by Ukrainian inventors became one of the leaders in the world forum of developers known as NASASpaceAppsChallenge.

You can vote for the Ukrainian project after the registration on

Our inventors created a Mars aerial vehicle instead of a rover. It uses dry ice as fuel.

By the way, the contest highly appreciated another Ukrainian project and put it into the category 'Best use of data'. It’s an invention of Kirovograd’s researchers that is known as Asterion – CYA. It studies near-Earth objects using machine learning techniques.

The results will be announced on May 23.

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