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The Embassy of Ukraine in the U.S. together with the Atlantic Council commemorated victims of genocidal deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944
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The forcible deportation of the Crimean Tatars from Crimea was ordered by Joseph Stalin as a form of collective punishment for alleged collaboration with the Nazi occupation regime in Taurida Subdistrict during 1942–1943.

A total of more than 230,000 people were deported, mostly to the Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic. This included the entire ethnic Crimean Tatar population, at the time about a fifth of the total population of the Crimean Peninsula, as well as smaller numbers of ethnic Greeks and Bulgarians.

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA shared on Facebook:

'The Embassy of Ukraine in the U.S. together with the Atlantic Council commemorated victims of genocidal deportation of Crimean Tatars in 1944 and addressed an issue of deteriorating human rights in Crimea.

The panel discussion 'Preventing Another Tragedy: the Plight of the Crimean Tatars” was participated by Ukraine’s Ambassador to the U.S. Valeriy Chaly, First Deputy Minister of Informational Policy of Ukraine (MIP) Emine Dzheppar, Director, Dinu Patriciu Eurasia Center of the Atlantic Council, former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine John Herbst.

The participants watched MIP’s documentary 'Crimea. The Resistance' that tells about Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea and alarms on the grave situation with the human rights, particularly of the Crimean Tatars. The film also shows a tragic story of the deportation of the Crimean Tatars in 1944 ordered by Joseph Stalin.

Valeriy Chaly emphasized that Ukraine will never give up on its effort to return Crimea, as its reintegration with Ukraine will ensure the respect of human rights on the peninsula, including the rights of the Crimean Tatars and all other ethnic groups living in Crimea. He also stressed that the de-occupation of Crimea is necessary to restore the global order. Ukraine’s Ambassador thanked all 100 nations, who in March 2014 have voted in favor of UN Resolution 'On the Territorial Integrity of Ukraine' and call on the U.S., EU and other partners to coordinate their efforts in this cause. Valeriy Chaly also underlined a need for an aligned strategy on the region and for a closer interaction between the Black Sea states.

Ambassador Valeriy Chaly also congratulated Ukrainians with victory of Crimean Tatar singer Jamala. He states that this victory goes beyond the show-business success, as it attracts the world’s attention to Crimea and Ukraine. '

A large number of deportees (more than 100,000 according to a 1960s survey by Crimean Tatar activists) died from starvation or disease as a direct result of deportation. It is considered to be a case of ethnic cleansing. For a long time Crimean Tatars and Soviet dissidents called for recognition of the genocide of Crimean Tatars.


As reported earlier to the, Ukrainian singer Jamala performed the song '1944' in the final of Eurovision 2016 and won a stunning victory in the contest by beating 25 candidates from other countries. Russian President Putin can take revenge for this failure.

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