Wednesday, May 18 2016 02:36 EEST
Everything is going to great war, Ukraine’ll play special role there - Miroslav Guy
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Ukraine's information space has been forming an image of the winning country, innovator that successfully implements the reform. Partners have started signing military agreements more willingly and the whole society has been admitting our territory as a land which is worth fighting for.

'They have been writing a new program on Ukraine for the US Congress, which will include weapons. Everything is going to war, and we are to get a special role here. We are now a country that is worth and needs to be fighting for,' volunteer Miroslav Guy said.

On his page in a social network he notes that only in the last week there have appeared several articles about Ukrainian achievements in sport, culture and science. Taxpayers of democratic countries are ready to provide assistance to Ukraine and greatly approve budgets and defense actions.

At the same time, the US spy planes are overflying Russian borders for the sixth time.

'I will say more, their drones are flying over Ukraine at the heights that... We are being invested with a lot of money and will have to pay far not by the resources and our miserable pensions. We have got a role of a Hero, and this worries me very, very much. Not even that – I’m scared,' Guy writes.

As reported earlier to the, Ukrainian army will reach the heights of its power in summer 2016. The number of armed forces is one of the key parameters, which characterizes army in general. That is why, the accurate data about the number and full strength of the armed forces is a highly sensitive information throughout the entire world, and, especially, in the country that prosecutes a war.

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