Tuesday, May 17 2016 19:11 EEST
Ukraine opens military cooperation with Turkey in Black Sea
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Taking into account importance of the geopolitical situation in the Black Sea, the military cooperation with Turkey as a strategic partner of Ukraine is going on. The cooperation between Ankara and Kyiv has gained additional significance.

On May 16, 2016, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Turkey signed an implementation plan on military cooperation between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Turkey that aimed at practical steps to increase the operational capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This document was prepared with a goal of practical implementation of agreements which had been reached at the meeting of the Chief of General Staff (Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Chief of General Staff of the Turkish Republic) in February 2016.

Ukraine signed the implementation plan in the person of Lieutenant General L.S. Holopatyuk. Military Attaché at the Embassy of Turkey in Ukraine captain 1st rank M. Aslan signed the document from the Turkish side.

The implementation plan clearly defines the direction and spheres of military cooperation between the armed forces of the two countries up to 2020. In particular, it includes reform and defense planning, military education and training, advisory assistance and cooperation between branches of the armed forces.

The realization of the military cooperation’s practical measures will let strengthen ties with the southern neighbor on the one hand. In addition, this allows gearing efforts towards the ultimate goal - the readiness of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to join NATO in 2020.

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