Tuesday, May 17 2016 18:10 EEST
Hot game: A mural in Lithuania has gone viral for depicting Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump kissing Russian President Vladimir Putin
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One of Lithuania’s restaurants’ wall was decorated with a fresco that depicted a kiss of Russian President Vladimir Putin and American presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The fresco was made by a local artist Mindaugas Bonanni and solemnly opened by the co-owner of the American cuisine restaurant 'Keule Ruke' Dominique Chuchkauskas on May 12.

The picture is a parody of a famous painting on the Berlin Wall made by Dmitry Vrubel, where Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev and President of East Germany Erich Honecker joined their lips in a kiss.

The inscription on the fresco reads 'Make everything great again'. This also is a parody of the election slogan of the American presidential candidate 'Make America great again.'

Ozzy Osbourne described Trump as the second Hitler. However, he disappeared after this statement.

As reported earlier to the 1492news.com, Fallen Putin’s pic to be spread in social networks all over the world. Vladimir Putin landed on his fifth point and his face bore little resemblance to the powerful head of state, he liked to show off.

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