Tuesday, May 17 2016 16:12 EEST
LGBT rights in Ukraine: Poroshenko allows ability of same-sex marriages
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Ukrainian LGBT-association 'Gay-Forum of Ukraine' has sent an official request to the presidential administration, to see whether the president really announced inadmissibility of legalizing same-sex marriages in Ukraine.

The presidential administration answered the Ukrainian LGBT-association 'Gay-Forum of Ukraine' and said that in fact, there was no stenographical confirmation of Petro Poroshenko’s words on inadmissibility of legalizing same-sex marriages.

Thus, the official representatives of the Ukrainian president have shown that the authorities aren’t categorically against the expansion of LGBT rights in the country.

On April 23, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church said that the President rejected the possibility of same-sex marriages in Ukraine at a meeting with members of the All-Ukrainian Council of Churches.

According to representatives of the church, Poroshenko had advocated traditional values then.

There is a threat in the process of legalizing same-sex marriages, Metropolitan of Kyiv and all Ukraine Onufriy said.

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