Tuesday, May 17 2016 04:13 EEST
Spain and Eurovision: Jamala won, because she was the best!
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Of course, you can find a lot of interesting in other countries’ media which wrote about Eurovision. But they almost repeat after one another.

We’d like to finish the review with the opinion of the Spanish RTVE broadcaster.

'With the triumph Jamala it became obvious that Eurovision- 2016 awarded the art, not artifice. Against the background of abuse using the 'maping' (video effects) by the Russian representative, Jamala’s powerful features were her powerful voice, personality and the song that touched the hearts of viewers,' analysts believe.

However, Spanish jury did not give Jamala any points. At the same time, the viewers liked our singer and gave her the 4th place, 7 points.

As reported earlier to the 1492news.com, Putin can send singer Lazarev to the Gulag prison now. Most European outlets probably has been mentioning the fact that the results of Eurovision base on a political component. Russia has lost the contest in Stockholm and generally accepted this idea try to justify the defeat of its representative.

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