Tuesday, May 17 2016 03:21 EEST
Serbia: 'Russia lost? How can it be, why?'
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If San Marino simply couldn’t care less about the results of Ukraine due to their state’s voting, some countries that supported Ukraine don’t hide disappointment in Eurovision’s results.

Serbia, a key Russia’s partner in the Balkans is among them.

Serbia gave us 12 points from the jury, and 7 points from the viewers (Just like Bosnia and Herzegovina, another state in the region, which is favorable to Russia).

Fortunately, we have found no appeals to review the results in the local media. There are no doubts that the rules were met, but someone still refers to Russian appeals. The Serbs, by the way, drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainians gave 12 points to the Russian singer.

And the reference is not accidental, because the Ukrainian-Russian conflict has similarities with the Balkans’ one.

The Serbs, who are the aggressors in relation to other countries in the region have received… the highest points from the residents of these countries!

Serbian singer Sanja Vucic turned to be just the 18th in the final, but viewers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro gave her 12 points.

Just like Ukraine gave 12 points to Lazarev.

And this is the main news for the Serbian media.

As reported earlier to the 1492news.com, Turkey supported Jamala’s victory at Eurovision 2016 and her song has changed their lifes. 

'It will cost us our heads, but it's worth it! Turkey loves Ukraine! This song means a lot to us! Our inspiration! This song has changed our lives. We hope that we will sing this song no matter what happens!' Facebook’s Turkey pages report.

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