Monday, May 16 2016 22:45 EEST
France: 'Don’t forget to vote for Ukraine'
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At first one cannot say something special about French media. They also wrote about the meaning and content of the song and quoted Russian comments - for example, the Agence France-Presse or prominent Le Figaro have their own articles on Russia’s nervous reaction. The Ukrainian representative’s victory 'became predictably unpopular in Russia, where a lot of people voted for the abolition of its 'political victory' in the competition with Russia's candidate,' the newspaper writes.

However, France is notable for other thing. According to the viwers’ voting, Jamala got the second place (10 points), although the French jury gave us no points at all!

To a considerable degree we have to be grateful to Marianne James, who commented on the competition for France 2 channel.

She turned to be our supporter as she openly asked the viewers "don’t forget to vote for Ukraine" and repeatedly emphasized how impressive the Ukrainian singer and her story were. Sure, she supported not only us (but Spain too). However, pro-Ukrainian sentiments were very noticeable.

Moreover, it is not that about supporting Jamala, but about unwillingness of Russian victory.

The statements like 'I hope that no dictatorial country will win today,' were very well defined in the situation where the Russian singer was the main favorite of the contest.

After the results were announced, Marianne sincerely expressed her joy in connection with Ukraine’s victory. When disappointed Sergey Lazarev appeared on screens, she sarcastically asked: 'Poor guy! Is Vladimir (Putin) to send him to the Gulag now?'

As reported earlier to the, European Parliament has adopted a resolution on the situation with Crimean Tatars.

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