Tuesday, May 17 2016 02:17 EEST
Austria: Eurovision in Crimea and Putin’s possible revenge
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On Sunday afternoon, Die Presse published a detailed text entitled 'Kyiv or Crimea where will the Song Contest-2017 take place?'

The outlet seriously writes that Eurovision-2017 in 'Ukrainian Crimea, which is currently occupied by Russia,' is mostly considered as an option and this could lead to political complications. At the same time, in Austria that is viewed as one of Russian satellites, the key media haven’t kept silence and use strong expressions criticizing Russian and Soviet policies.

'In the song '1944' the Crimean Tatar Jamala sings about the deportation of her nation from the peninsula. The paranoid Soviet dictator Stalin accused the Crimean Tatars in collaboration with Nazi Germany. Despite Russia’s protests against the political context, the EBU gave its permission for this song,' Die Presse writes.

Another key newspaper Der Standard published an article about Putin’s Russia on the day of the Grand Final.

'Fortunately, this man is not to intimidate Europe confirming that the secret of Jamala’s victory is in a politically charged '1944'. It is important to see if Putin’ll revenge for the defeat,' the newspaper writes, suggesting that Russia could strengthen the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Journalists also emphasize the 'criminal mentality of Russian leadership,' and suggest that the Kremlin will have to spend efforts on judicial processes against its satellites in Europe.

As reported earlier to the 1492news.com, Vladimir Putin landed on his fifth point and his face bore little resemblance to the powerful head of state, he liked to show off.

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