Monday, May 16 2016 18:14 EEST
NYPD officer: 'I’m a police officer- whether on-duty or off-duty, so I had to take action'
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Last week, NYPD Police Officer Scott Marut was traveling to work on the subway just like millions of other commuters do on a daily basis. While he was standing on the Q train platform at the Union Square Station, he noticed a man hovering over another man that was seemingly asleep on the platform bench.

New York Police Department shared on Facebook:

'While continuing to observe the situation, the suspicious man began to remove a bracelet on the sleeping person’s wrist. Upon seeing this, Police Officer Marut immediately sprang into action, identifying himself while he grabbed the suspect, preventing him from escaping. The officer told an onlooker to go get help from his co-workers upstairs.

Police Officer Marut’s command, Transit District 4, was fortunately located one flight above the Q train platform. The community member rushed up the stairs and told the officers in the stationhouse that Officer Marut needed help. The officers quickly ran down the stairs and placed the perpetrator under arrest.

The male victim, who was now awake, realized what had happened and repeatedly expressed his gratitude to Police Officer Marut. After the officers searched the perpetrator, more property belong to the victim was found including a sentimental necklace that matched the bracelet. The victim shared with the officers that the necklace was given to him after right after his mother had passed away and it was very important to him.'

So why did Police Officer Marut take action even though he was not working? He explained,

'I’m a police officer- whether on-duty or off-duty. I had to take action.'

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