Sunday, May 15 2016 22:20 EEST
Ukrainian volunteers assembled a multipurpose vehicle for evacuation of the wounded soldiers from the battlefield
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Ukrainian volunteers from a charity fund 'ASAP EMC Hottabych' constructed a light multipurpose vehicle for evacuation of the wounded men from the battlefield, reports.

Prototype models for Ukrainian universal evacuation vehicle were ultralight tactical vehicles Polaris MRZR, constructed through the request of the US Department of Defense. After the investigation of the experience of Americans and evaluation of the need of Ukrainian soldiers for light and multipurpose transport vehicle for the battlefield, the decision was made to start constructing an analogous universal evacuation vehicle using own resources.

The new transport vehicle is based on the chassis of cross-country vehicle LUAZ. However, the wheelbase and the body of cross-country vehicle were completely rebuilt. The running gear of the vehicle uses torsion-bar suspension. The elements of engine house were complementarily equipped with soft ballistic packets, provided by the company 'Research and Development enterprise Temp-3000'. Precisely this type of protection was chosen because of one simple reason – each kilogram of the construction’s weight was considered.

The engine from 'ninth' VAZbecame the engine unit of the vehicle. It was specifically selected from carburetor models since engines with the system of electronic fuel injection would not effectively run on fuel, which is filled in fuel tanks of military vehicles. Thus, electrically powered hydraulic steering was added to improve vehicle handling.

Technical characteristics:

Weight: 1180 kg.

Engine: gasoline 1500 sm, 75 l.s.

Drivegear: 4х4, wheel-hub drives, lowered with lockings

Bearing capacity: 600 kg.

Matching sites: 4+2 on the platform, 2+litter, 3+1 litters, 2+400 kg. Cargo

Speed: 85-90 km/h.

Armor plating: protection of automobile propulsion system with pyramidal material.

Clearance: 390 mm

It is worth to mention that preburnish tests showed good running characteristics of the new transport vehicle. Soldiers also showed their interest in transporter of this type, so they are looking forward to evaluation tests with the aim of making further decisions. 

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