Sunday, May 15 2016 20:33 EEST
Jordan showed interest in new Ukrainian combat modules 'Kastet'
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Modern inventions of Ukrainian state concern 'Ukroboronprom' drew special attention of Jordanian King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein at the XI international Special Operations Forces Exhibition SOFEX-2016.

Jordanian monarch paid attention to the armored car 'Dozor-B' with combat module 'Blik-2M', combat modules 'Duplet' and 'Storm BM-3M', and cannons 3TM-1 and 3TM-2, 'Slovo i Delo' reports, with reference to the press-service of the concern.

According to reports, Jordanian monarch particularly distinguished an advantageous combat module 'Duplet', designed by the state-run enterprise 'Zhytomyr armored plant'. Positive feedbacks of Jordanian side were also addressed to the combat module 'Kastet'.

The combat module 'Kastet', which was installed on a modernized combat vehicle CVR(T) 'Scorpio', deserves special attention. The installment of Ukrainian combat module significantly enhanced fire power of the armored car and provided a possibility to defeat modern tanks and low altitude aircrafts with the help of guided missile system 'Barrier'. A total weight of the combat module is around 1500 kg.

30-mm automatic cannon ЗТМ-1 was installed as a directing-gun in a combat module of new design with reinforced armor plating and additional cameras for the improved view on the battlefield.

KT 7.62mm machine gun КТ-7.62, which has weapons capacity of 2500 bullets, is connected to the cannon.30-mmautomatic grenade launcher KBA-117 with weapons capacity of 116 shots and antitank missile system have been also installed in the combat module.

At the exhibition SOFEX 2016, representatives of Ukraine have planned a range of meetings with representatives of government, armed forces and industry of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

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