Sunday, May 15 2016 02:05 EEST
Rosselkhoznadzor will fully ban imports of vegetables and fruits from Turkey
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Rosselkhoznadzor intends to ban imports of zucchinis, grapefruits and lemons to Russia – the only agricultural products from Turkey, supplies of which have not been restricted yet, Sergey Dankvert, the head of Rosselkhoznadzor said to RIA Novosti.

On Wednesday, Rosselkhoznadzor informed that starting from May 16, temporary restrictions will be imposed on imports of green leaf lettuce and iceberg lettuce from Turkey to Russia. This is due to the fact that the western Californian flower thrips, which is a quarantine subject, has been revealed in these plants.

'Only zucchinis, grapefruits and lemons have remained. We already view it as something useless, and, therefore, we are going to fully close the supply of plant products on Monday,' – Dankvert stated.

The official admonished that the violation of phytosanitary norms by Turkish suppliers has begun quite long ago. 

'We have been working with them for quite a long time, but the situation doesn’t change; there have been subsequent stopped deliveries – of 50,000 zucchinis in Krasnodar – there is no use in supplying them to Russia, it’s only an impediment to the business,' – Dankvertsaid.

Nevertheless, Turkey considers that a ban on imports of agricultural products to Russia has political reasons.

'They (Turkish importers) supply too many lemons, around 60 thousand tons, but the market for lemons is quite large, South America imports the same goods. Therefore, our market, despite any restrictions, is quite flexible,' – the head of Rosselkhoznadzor added, specifying that 'Turkish lemons will be picked only in September.'

Dankvert noted that no hidden political motive affects decisions of his administration.

'We are not engaged in politics, we do our job, and we have detected contaminated production – consider facts from the past, you’ll see how slowly and patiently we were closing the first, the second, and the third enterprise. If Turkey's phytosanitary service works inefficiently, it is not about politics, but about the operation of the service,' –Dankvert concluded.

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