Sunday, May 15 2016 00:15 EEST
Dilma Rousseff: Brazil faces a coup d'etat
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'Brazil is going through the illegal change of power: this is a coup d'etat,' – Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff stated.

Impeachment proceedings against her have been recently initiated. She will be suspended from office for 6 months, as provided by law, during which the Brazilian Superior Court of Justice will be handling chargeson behalf of the Federal Senate. The majority of senators of the upper house of Brazilian parliament have recently voted in favor of impeachment (55 – 'for', and 22 'against'), which also reiterated the position of the lower house.

Brazil’s leader made a speech, meticulously making her last statement as a fully legitimate president of the country. She addressed the nation and her followers at Planalto presidential palace, refuting all the charges made against her and calling ongoing events a coup d'etat.

Dilma Rousseff called for her adherents to continue fight for democracy and return of the legally elected president to the office. She mentioned that the Senate, having supported the idea of impeachment, suspended the president, who had been elected by 54 million of voters. 

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