Saturday, May 14 2016 22:29 EEST
Will Ukraine become the 51st state of the USA? – David Jewberg
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Some people ask, will Ukraine become the 51st state? Of course not. Ukraine is Europe, and the United States does not intend to expand its territory, despite the fact that any country with a Republican form of government can send an application to the Congress, as it has been done by such republics as California, Texas and Hawaii, which were subsequently accepted after several years of discussions in the Congress.

We will contribute to the establishment of a veracious and fair system of government in Ukraine, help to begin economic development (I see no reasons not to have an average salary of $1000 per month), and become partners and allies, as we have done with Poland and the Baltic states. However, Ukraine should be governed by Ukrainian citizens. IMHO, the most difficult period for Ukraine has passed. Hold your ground, friends, for the benefit of children and to the detriment of enemies. And accept my sincere apology that we (the USA, NATO) still provide insufficient help for you. David Jewberg, US Department of Defense Analyst.

Here are countries/territories, which are discussing or have been discussing their admission to the United States: Puerto Rico (passed a referendum, where the majority was 'for its admission', while they still wait OK from the Congress), Guam and Samoa (are still discussing), Philippines (has been discussing it since 1907), Greenland (US offered to buy it from Denmark after World War Two, but this request was denied), Taiwan (is discussing long since), and Haiti (is in the process).

If only the aim of the USA had been to capture and control other countries, we would have violently behaved similar to the USSR after the World War II, and the United States then would have misappropriated Italy, France, Germany and Japan. No! We helped them, we built everything anew and left. We gave them an opportunity to develop and govern on their own, but we remained their friends and allies.

The main aim of State Department is to create stable peaceful regimes in all countries, which grow economically and consume American products, and, what is more important, do not want war. We are not willing to govern these countries, but we are always ready to help, providing them with money and experience (RF alone obtained more than $20 billion in aid over 25 years). For instance, the USA spent $35 billion in foreign aid to 140 countries only in 2014.

Unfortunately, not all countries strive for democracy and peace. Korea made us glad; an illustrative example is how the USA made South Korea, and how USSR made North Korea. Berlin is also a good example of difference in our formations – compare East Berlin with West Berlin.

Nowadays, Ukraine IS STILL NOT ready to enter the European Union and NATO, but this country is heading in the right direction. It is moving slower than expected, but, in any case, there is some progress owing to the support of people, who want to live in free and democratic country. However, 20% of the Ukrainian population, who yearn for USSR, are actively slowing this progress down. It’s a pity that 10% of former officials were not detained, as Saakashvili dealt with officials in Georgia. 

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