Friday, May 13 2016 22:45 EEST
An effort to show off the superiority of Russian military equipment backfired on Thursday when the door handle of a jeep fell off just as President Vladimir Putin was inspecting the vehicle
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Russian General Alexander Shevchenko was showing President Vladimir Putin a new military vehicle when he tore away a handle from the UAZ-Patriot’s passenger door. According to the media, this happened during a military parade in Sochi.

It is assumed that the general was not properly acquainted with operating rules of the military-purpose vehicle. Shevchenko was going to open the door of the UAZ for Putin, but he didn’t manage to do this neither from first nor from the second time.

One of his attempt finished sadly enough as the military simply tore the handle away. The unlucky general amused Putin. He laughed and said him "Well done."

Technicians gave their own explanation about what had happened. According to them, the car should be started as it had been installed with an automatic lock before. It’s impossible to open the unpowered car without this action.

General Shevchenko tried to dismiss the matter with a joke. He mentioned good physical condition that was necessary for all the generals.

Russian modern technologies seem to be not so reliable thing. The incident has perfectly proved this – a man simply broke the car after he tried just to open it.

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