Friday, May 13 2016 19:49 EEST
First Varta armored vehicles sent to army without standard weapons
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The army has been provided with the first new Varta armored vehicles without standard weapons.

This was reported by representatives of the armored group that belonged to the Dnepr-1 regiment of the National Guard of Ukraine. They are among the first to receive new armored vehicles at their disposal.

It turned out that the first ten Varta armored vehicles weren’t equipped with weapons systems at all. Thus, the National Guard units receive armored vehicles without standard weapons.

It should be noted that initially it was planned to provide the National Guard Special Forces with the vehicles, so that they could carry out some tasks in urban areas and take part in special operations of low intensity. Armored vehicles, which are equipped with special loopholes, suit these tasks perfectly as it’s possible to use small arms of a crew and landing forces in such a way.

Manufacturers of the Varta armored vehicles promise to deliver the machines equipped with combat modules and weapons systems in behalf of power departments.

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