Thursday, May 12 2016 21:39 EEST
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Kim Kardashian has Russian 'version': Nastya Kvitko shared sexy pics
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Recently, there has appeared news about a girl who is incredibly similar to the famous celebrity. Now Kim Kardashian’s Russian 'twin' successfully works as a model.

Nastya Kvitko was born in Kaliningrad. The girl was dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian. This comparison was made due to the fact that the young model’s curves are very similar to the foreign celebrity’s body. Kvitko is very proud of her curves and constantly repeats that her beauty is natural. Unlike many colleagues, Nastya hasn’t done any plastic surgeries to get breast or buttock implants.

The girl feels flattered by the comparison with Kim Kardashian, but she is sure that her body is much better. Nastya has hundreds of fans around the world, and her official Instagram account is very popular.

Kvitko often takes part in various photo sessions, where she puts on sexy swimsuits and underwear. Despite the fact that Nastia often shares quite intimate pics, she says that she’ll never allow completely naked sessions. This is taboo for the young model.

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