Thursday, May 12 2016 23:33 EEST
President Petro Poroshenko congratulated Patriarch Filaret on the 50th anniversary of service at Kyiv cathedra and wished him a strong health, longevity and success in pastoral field
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'The main thing is for you and the entire Ukrainian nation to see the fulfillment of the most important case of your life as soon as possible – recognition of the Ukrainian Single Local Independent Orthodox Church by the Universal Orthodoxy,' Petro Poroshenko said.

The Head of State called it symbolic that Patriarch Filaret – 'son of Donetsk region, born in Blahodatne town currently occupied by Russian terrorists, has raised the flag of Ukrainianness and has been carrying it for years.' - reported by

The President emphasized that the given anniversary was unique not only for Ukraine, but also for the Universal Orthodoxy and the Christian World.

According to the Head of State, history of the Church of Kyiv tradition does not know other hierarch who has been heading the cathedra for so long. Patriarch Filaret has become the first Ukrainian who has taken the ancient Kyiv throne for almost 150 years. Prior to that, Petersburg or Moscow have been sending anyone except Ukrainians to serve at that post with the only purpose – russify and enslave our people spiritually.

'Right after the establishment of independent Ukrainian state, you have got down to the approval of the idea of independent Ukrainian Church in full compliance with Orthodox traditions. And not only with words, but also with actions have you started to build it. Due to your efforts, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kyiv Patriarchate has become a powerful religious institution that will certainly have a proper place in the Universal Orthodoxy,' the Head of State addressed the Patriarch.

Petro Poroshenko notes that all sociological surveys demonstrate that more and more orthodox citizens of Ukraine want to have Single Local Autocephalous Church independent from other church jurisdictions. 'It is a historic trend and it cannot avoid Ukraine,' the President said.

The Head of State emphasized that a wise word, worthy actions and prayers of His Holiness gave inspiration in the protection of truth and justice, preservation of national unity, ensuring our victory over the enemy to millions of Ukrainians who bravely protect our country from the Russian aggressor.

'On behalf of the Ukrainian people, I am grateful to you, Your Holiness, all bishops and priests, all believers for a wide patriotic and volunteer movement aimed at supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine,' Petro Poroshenko said.

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