Thursday, May 12 2016 18:00 EEST
Yurii Kasyanov: 'Donetsk always will belong to Ukraine and Yarosh’s cards fall on heads of Donetsk collaborators'
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Ukrainian volunteer Yurii Kasyanov said: 'On May 11, this is the second anniversary of the so-called referendum and Yarosh’s cards fell on heads of terrorists and their accomplices.'

He mentioned this on his page in Facebook:

'The war in the air is gathering pace. The drones of Victory Sisters Foundation are dropping leaflets, the devices of Matrix technology are flying over Donetsk, and now the 'good Right Sector’s members' have covered the streets and squares with red and black cards, which are so scary for the Moscovites. In the context of electronic curtain, the protective dome, created by the latest Russian complexes of electronic warfare, the unmanned bombers, built by DeViRo company, excellently fulfilled the task,' Kasyanov wrote.

He stressed that the AFU have successfully dropped not only the leaflets. That’s why Ukraine will win, as according to his words, the card of Yarosh is like a silver bullet against a vampire, which’ll hit the separatists.

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