Friday, May 13 2016 00:09 EEST
From Europe to Siberia: Millions of fans around the world support Jamala on eve of semifinal Eurovision 2016
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On May 12, a Ukrainian singer Jamala’ll perform in the second semi-final of prestigious Eurovision 2016 song contest.

'Jamala, Makhachkala, Kurali and Shamkhal are with you! We still face shooting and we know what a loss means! Sing for all the survivors of the post-Soviet meat grinder and disrespect,' Shamsudin from Makhachkala writes.

'Saki, Yevpatoria, Beregovoye and certainly Simferopol - the whole Ukrainian and Tatar Crimea stays by your side! We believe in victory, show the world real fire in your eyes and heart! You're ours! We pray for you and support you! Crimea used to suffer from the Soviets, and is suffering from the invaders now. They will try to take away our votes, but you will be our guide to the world! We wish victory and good luck to you! We give you all our votes,' the Crimean peninsula’s residents say. 

'Vilnius is Ukraine and Crimea’s friend. Our hearts beat to the song of Jamala. We will vote for her today'.

'Jamal won the Plovdiv! Thank you for the story! Good luck today. We are with you'.

'Romania is with Ukraine from Timisoara to Galati. Romania is with Jamala! '

Dozens of similar posts have been written in the nets of Georgia, Chechnya, the Baltic countries, Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary.

There will be the Grand Final of the contest on May 14. It’ll include singers from Azerbaijan, Russia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Armenia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta.

Bookmakers are sure that Jamala’ll take the second place and the Russian singer Sergey Lazarev’ll win the contest.

Jamala will perform the song '1944', at 22:00 on May 12. It tells about the tragic fate of the Crimean Tatars.

Social networks and media of the post-Soviet countries literally exploded on the eve of the singer's performance. Thousands of people from Eastern Europe to Makhachkala write that they’ll support Jamala as a sign of solidarity with her nation that survived repressions and was expelled from its native land, just like thousands of people across the USSR:

By the way, a lot of words of gratitude have been expressed by the residents of Siberia, whose families were dispossessed and exiled there at the beginning of the last century. A lot of them tell stories of their families who fled the Stalinist regime, some of them spread pics of their repressed relatives. They write that the history of the Crimean Tatars is the history of their families, which survived the terrible deprivation. And many people are going to support Jamala as a sign of tribute to the relatives.

It was reported that Jamala was giving dozens of interviews every day and mentioned her main competitor.

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