Thursday, May 12 2016 19:17 EEST
Pro-Kremlin hackers have laid siege to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union
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The headquarters of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), which is headed by the Chancellor Angela Merkel, is being attacking by hackers from a pro-Russian Pawn Storm group.

According to the Trend Micro’s experts, the hackers are trying to access the database of the CDU including personal data of its senior members, who are part of Germany’s ruling coalition.

They use technology of the so-called fishing. The attack is being carried out from servers located in Latvia and the Netherlands. The CDU’s representatives commented on this message and said that the information was being checked now.

According to IT-experts, the pro-Russian Pawn Storm group is also known as APT28, Sofacy Group and Sednit.

In 2015, it was accused of cyber-attack on the Bundestag, TV5Monde channel and the Security Council of the Netherlands. Moreover, in 2014 it attacked computers of Polish government.

At the same time, Bloomberg suggested that Pawn Storm could act as special unit of Russia’s FSB.

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