Thursday, May 12 2016 17:28 EEST
Russian promoter told about victory over Monson in locker-room
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Aleksey Titov who had organized Jeff Monson’s fight in Yekaterinburg, said that he had almost beaten the American in a locker-room.

According to the promoter, Monson attacked him after his loss in a match with Ivan Shtyrkov. 

'He went to my feet and placed me to all fours, I hit my head against the wall, but managed to take his neck in a hold, and threw my legs behind his back after the fall. Not so many people believe me now, but I wasn’t allowed to carry out a choking hold, we were picked up and drawn apart by security guards,' Titov said.

On May 10, Monson accused the fight’s organizers of cheating. According to the mixed martial artist, the fight with Shtyrkov was supposed to be demonstrative, as Monson had got a hand injury a few days before entering the ring and warned the organizers about this.

On May 6, Monson lost the fight to 27-year-old Shtyrkov on the 30th second of the match in Yekaterinburg. Monson, 45, has now 59 wins and 26 losses. This loss was the second defeat under the Russian flag.

In 2014, Monson, the native of the US state of Minnesota said that he had applied for Russian citizenship. However, he still hasn’t received a passport.

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