Thursday, May 12 2016 16:16 EEST
President of Ukraine congratulated border guards on successful operation on finding collection of paintings stolen from Verona’s Museum
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President Petro Poroshenko congratulated border guards and officials of military prosecution on a successful operation on finding the collection of 17 most valuable paintings by Rubens, Tintoretto, Pisanello, Caroto and Mantegna heisted from Verona’s Museum.

'These paintings are the stars of the Verona’s Museum. Today, this brilliant operation reminds the world about the efficient struggle of Ukraine against smuggling and corruption, inter alia, smuggling of works of art,' Petro Poroshenko emphasized - reported by

The President noted that the overall cost of that collection, according to the documents provided by the border service and military prosecution, exceeded EUR 16 million.

'We have not only preserved the global value of these paintings, but also reaffirmed Ukraine’s prestige by such efficient actions,' the President said urging the leadership of those institutions to submit proposals on awarding the officials involved in the given operation.

The Head of State expressed gratitude for the fact that all officials had complied with secrecy regime and prevented any leak of information, which could have resulted into the change of route of those paintings.

The President instructed Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Kostiantyn Yelisieiev to contact with Italian partners and invite experts to authenticate paintings and settle all formalities regarding their handover.

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