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Eurovision 2016: Performances of semi-final 1, first finalists, Eurovision favorites
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Anna Velikova

The first semi-final of Eurovision international song contest took place in Stockholm on May 10. The contestants from 18 countries sang at the Globe Arena. However, only 10 of them became participants of the Grand Final that is to be held on Saturday, May 14.

According to the results of the audience’s voting: Azerbaijan, Russia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia, Armenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Malta will take part in the Saturday’s Grand Final.

Why not enjoy the performances of the first finalists right now?

01. Azerbaijan - Samra/Miracle

02. Russia – Sergey Lazarev /You Are the Only One

03. Netherlands – Daue Bob/Slow Down

04. Hungary – Freddie/Pioneer

05. Croatia – Nina Kraljić/Lighthouse

06. Austria - Zoe/Loin d'ici

07. Armenia - Iveta Mukuchyan / Love Wave

08. Czech Republic - Gabriela Gunchikova/I Stand

09. Cyprus - Minus One/Alter Ego

10. Malta – Ira Losco/Walk on Water

One of the favorites is Jamala.
Jamala will fight for the right to take part in the Grand Final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in the second semi-final on May 12. The Ukrainian singer of Tatar origin will sing under number 15. She’ll present a song '1944,' where she is to tell the story of her family's deportation from Crimea in the middle of the last century.

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