Thursday, May 12 2016 03:29 EEST
Poland knows how to prevent military conflicts between US and Russia in air and sea
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US Air Force increased the number of aircraft sorties in the southern part of the Baltic Sea responding to Russia’s flights. Moscow claims these maneuvers 'provoke Russian militaries’ response.'

Being afraid of serious incidents, Poland introduced the initiative to increase the OSCE‘s role in their prevention.

Warsaw is going by the end of this year to achieve updating of the Vienna Document that was adopted five years ago. It is an agreement on confidence and security-building measures, where they clearly prescribed a code of conduct for 57 countries.

'The potential risks associated with such incidents always are great. They usually result with at least increase of political tensions among the involved countries. These incidents can easily become sources of unnecessary confrontation,' Poland's permanent representative to international organizations Adam Bugajski said in Vienna.

According to him, the OSCE has recently taken 'a number of attempts to prevent such situations'. In particular, in 2011, they approved the Vienna Document on confidence and security-building measures.

However, Warsaw feels the need for further development of the initiative. In particular, it says about the improvement and acceleration of working contacts among the coordination centers of the member states, adoption of the commitment to avoid any actions that could lead to dangerous military incidents and about the formation of a special OSCE mission to investigate the circumstances of these or those episodes.

It says that the Vienna Document should be reviewed every five years and this procedure was launched in early 2016.

'Now we have entered a period of intense consultation,' Bugajski said expressing hope for adoption of final decisions by the end of the year.

The incident occurred in international airspace over the Baltic Sea. A Russian fighter carried out a barrel roll (i.e. a 360-degree rotation with respect to a longitudinal axis) at about 30 meters from the USA plane.

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