Wednesday, May 11 2016 23:30 EEST
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Watch: NYPD Aviation officers rescued two stranded boaters from a small island in Jamaica Bay
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NYPD aviation officers resque boaters from a small island in Jamaica Bay Tuesday afternoon for 24 hours

NYPD shared on Facebook:

'Officers were patrolling over the Bay when they spotted a man and woman whose boat was beached on Canarsie Pol, a small island off Brooklyn. The officers maintained visual contact with the two stranded individuals and their white boat while they awaited an additional rescue helicopter to be deployed.

Aviation Sergeant Kenneth Boss and Police Officers Jonathan Yacoub, Lester Sanabria and Manuel Huerta arrived at the location and immediately began rescue efforts. As Officers Yocoub and Sanabria piloted the helicopter, Sergeant Kenneth Boss was able to rappel from the aircraft to the island below and secure the individuals to a hoist operated by Police Officer and Crew Chief, Jonathan Yacoub.The two boaters were safely lifted into the aircraft and were transported back to the NYPD's Aviation Unit base where they were met by EMS and refused medical attention.'

The New York Police Department has operated a coordinated air-sea rescue program out of Floyd Bennett Field since 1986 when scuba divers were stationed in shifts at a hangar containing helicopter rescue aircraft. The NYPD Aviation Unit operates night vision-equipped Bell 412 helicopters which fly to rescue locations carrying two pilots, one crew chief and two scuba divers. 

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