Wednesday, May 11 2016 21:35 EEST
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Watch: The biggest cargo aircraft in the world 'Mriya' started its first ever commercial flight to Australia
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Ukrainian line aircraft has flown from Kyiv to Prague, where it is going to take a cargo for its further transportation.

The biggest cargo aircraft in the world An-225 'Mriya', created by Ukrainian aviation company 'Antonov Airlines', departed from an aerodrome in Hostomel, which is located near Kyiv, and arrived in Prague. This way, it started an unprecedented commercial flight to Australia. This was reported by Antonov State Company on its Facebook page.

In Czech Republic, a generator and different equipment weighing 130 tons will be loaded into the plane. The cargo will be delivered to Perth (Australia). On its way toward the destination, the plane will perform three technical landings – in Turkmenistan, India and Malaysia. The total length of the route from Kyiv to Perth comprises over 15580 km.

The flight drew a huge response in all the airports that have been included to the plane’s route. For instance, in Perth, around 50 thousand adherents of aviation are getting ready to meet 'Mriya' in the morning of May 15. The company even created an announcement of the event on its website, having provided the scheme of parking lots and spectators seats. The airport administration also promises to hold a lottery among the spectators in order to reward a winner with a model of the unique Ukrainian aircraft.

An-225 'Mriya' was built in 1980s by Kyiv Antonov Design Bureau named after Oleg Antonov. It performed its first flight on December 21, 1988. Initially, it was destined for transportation of re-usable spacecraft as well as elements of rocket systems. However, starting from 2000s, it has been used for commercial transportations.

Maximum takeoff weight of the aircraft is 600 tons, which makes it the heaviest cargo plane throughout aviation history.

'Mriya' exists in a unique copy. The second similar model was placed in storage at the company 'Antonov' in Kyiv since it has not been completed yet. 

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