Wednesday, May 11 2016 19:28 EEST
Canadian schoolboy appears to have discovered a lost Mayan city hidden deep in the jungles of Mexico using a new method of matching stars
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Canadian Space Agency

A 15-year-old student from Quebec William Gadoury has discovered a Mayan city, which had been lost in the jungles of the Yucatan. He managed to do this by using a mapping service of the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) with satellite pictures.

Gadoury managed to discover the city comparing Mayan star maps with the map of their largest settlements. It turned out that most of the cities (about 120) coincided with the 22 Indians’ constellations. In addition, the student discovered a new part of the celestial sphere formed by three stars, two of which corresponded to the cities.

The discoverer thought that the third star also corresponded to a Mayan settlement. Thus, he asked the CSA to provide satellite images of the area. As a result, the teen found relief elements of human nature there, which resembled remains of an ancient city. The Canadian named his discovered settlement K'aak Chi, which means 'mouth of fire.'

The allegedly discovered settlement is the fourth largest city among the known Mayan settlements, it covers an area of over 100 square kilometers. In particular, the settlement contains a 86-meter high pyramid and some other buildings.

However, it’s impossible to confirm the teen’s discovery. The Mayan city lies in the impassable jungles of the Yucatan.

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