Wednesday, May 11 2016 16:13 EEST
New leak from 'Panama papers' reveals where 'Putin’s friends' and brother keep their money
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Journalists’ disclosure of the latest documents from the "Panama Papers" confirmed that President Vladimir Putin’s cousin Igor and politicians and oligarchs from his closest company had new offshore accounts.

Thus, the 'Panama Papers' include offshore accounts that are registered on the Rotenberg brothers, Chechnya’s President Ramzan Kadyrov and his relatives. Russian President’s cousin Igor Putin has fallen into the list too.

The new publication of Panamagate reveals names of the companies and the legal addresses where the offshore accounts has been registered. Thus, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg’s offshore accounts have been registered in the Virgin Islands. In total, the Rotenbergs have seven companies. Six of them belong to Arkady and Boris, and the 7th one contains registration data of Boris Rotenberg’s son Igor.

Russian President’s cousin Igor Putin was mentioned in the leaked documents too. It turned out that his name was listed in the registration data of an offshore account in the company whose legal address was located in Beijing.

Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov and his wife Tatiana Navka managed to avoid disclosure, although her name had appeared in the first leaked list of offshore accounts’ owners.

The new leaked list of offshore accounts includes 2,229 Russian citizens.

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