Wednesday, May 11 2016 00:19 EEST
Thousands of Belarusians took part in Victory Day parade without St. George’s ribbons
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The center of Minsk is hosting celebrations dedicated to the 71st anniversary of victory in the Second World War. Thousands of Minsk residents came to the center of the city holding portraits of the relatives who had took part in the war. It’s the first time since the country's Independence Day, when Belarusians don’t put St. George’s ribbons on.

Minsk Victory Square traditionally became the center of Victory Day’s celebration in Belarus. A lot of people have gathered here from early morning. They are holding banners and portraits of veterans of the Second World War. At the same time, the residents of Minsk haven’t put on traditional St. George’s ribbons this year. They put ribbons with colors of the Belarusian flag and an apple-tree flower instead.

On that very day in 1945, when the surrender of Germany was announced, Belarusian apple trees were in blossom. Since that time, the flower of the tree has been considered as a symbol of victory and rebirth.

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