Tuesday, May 10 2016 23:01 EEST
Russia and China pose threats to vital U.S. space capabilities and other U.S. technological weapons superiority - Pentagon
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The Pentagon’s officials believe that Russia and China are increasing their capacities, which will let them attack the United States in space. This makes the US to spend billions to strengthen and protect its own equipment.

The Pentagon thinks that Russia and China are developing capabilities to attack the United States in space.

The office is afraid of the fact that its military satellites could become an easy prey under the conditions of Russia’s and China’s technology that is developing to destroy the US defense infrastructure in space. The head of the US Strategic Command Cecil Haney said that North Korea, Iran and some Islamist organizations had already had access to space technologies.

'We need to understand that despite our efforts, the future conflict can be started or expanded in space,' Haney said.

Other departments mention the threat from Moscow and Beijing too. Thus, the US Assistant Secretary of State for arms control Frank Rose stated his concern about 'the development of anti-satellite weapons by Russia and China.' At the same time, he said that Washington seeks to prevent the spread of any conflict in space. 'None is interested in a possible space conflict,' Rose claimed.

'Every military operation, which now takes place in the world, is critically dependent on space in one form or another,' John Hiten commander of the US space forces says 'No matter how many our citizens are fully aware of the dependence on space, the rest of the world is watching over us very carefully.'

After China’s missile test that reached a remote orbit, where the main US military satellites, including those used for controlling of precision bombing and tracking the enemy, Washington annually spends billions of dollars to improve the technologies. Hiten described the equipment that was located on remote orbits as 'the most valuable real estate in space.'

The officials are now focused on developing technologies that will protect the satellites and monitor the actions of the enemy. They also plan to send smaller satellites into space so that it’ll be more difficult to track them.

This year, the Pentagon plans to spend $ 22 billion on the space program. Another $ 5 billion will be invested in space drills. This sum contains $ 2 billion that will be sent for the so-called 'space control', which includes a secret program on offensive moves.

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