Tuesday, May 10 2016 17:37 EEST
Eurovision 2016: Bookmakers call Jamala one of Eurovision favorites
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Ukrainian singer of Tatar origin Jamala represents Ukraine on the international Eurovision Song Contest this year. According to the most recent bookmakers’ bets, she is one of the main contenders for the victory on the eve of the semi-finals.

Thus, on Oddschecker website, where the bets of many bookmakers are collected Jamala has got the second place among the potential winners. However, the bookmakers believe that the most chance to win belongs to Russian representative Sergey Lazarev. The top five favorites include Amir Haddad from France, Frans from Sweden and Dami Im from Australia.

The first semi-final of the contest will be held today, the second semi-final – on May 12 and the final - on Saturday, May 14.

Jamala will fight for the right to take part in the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2016 in the second semi-final on May 12. The Ukrainian singer of Tatar origin will sing under number 15. She’ll present a song '1944', where she is to tell the story of her family's deportation from Crimea in the middle of the last century.

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