Tuesday, May 10 2016 04:30 EEST
Syria: Rehearsal of Russian military parade at Hmeymim airbase

Russian airbase Hmeymim in Syria has hosted a rehearsal of a parade in honor of the 71th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War. The Banner of Victory and the Russian flag were carried through the airfield. They were followed by a convoy of military equipment, which included Tigr armored cars, BTR-80As and BTR-82, D-30 howitzers and Uran-9 robots.

In September 2015, Russia started its air military operation in Syria. In March, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered start Russian military withdrawal from the country saying that he considered the tasks of the Ministry of Defense to be generally implemented. Points of Russian armed forces in the port of Tartus and Hmeymim airbase are to function as earlier, Putin stressed. The Ministry of Defense said that Russian strikes against certain terrorist groups continue. The list of the groups includes the organizations which haven’t signed an agreement on Syrian ceasefire.

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