Tuesday, May 10 2016 00:40 EEST
Angelina Jolie wants to leave Hollywood for a career in politics
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Angelina Jolie said that she is to finish her stage career and go in for politics soon. This information appeared in the Western media. The actress believes that it’s high time to devote herself to politics, she is going to take it seriously and hopes to get help from Baroness Arminka Helic who’ll vouch for Jolie in the British House of Lords.

They have been friends for many years. The baroness always gives the actress tips on holding acts of charity. Jolie met Baroness in 2012, when she acted as the Assistant Foreign Minister of Britain. As it’s known, Jolie has moved to London with her husband and children. Brad Pitt is starring in a sequel of 'World War Z' there.

The actress is to stay in the UK for several months, and is planning to go in for politics only. The baroness, in her turn, is spending most of her free time with the family of the Hollywood celebrities.

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