Monday, May 9 2016 23:27 EEST
A 70-year-old woman regains sight after 21 years of blindness
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The woman fell down in her own house and inexplicably returned her eyesight that she had lost 21 years ago.

Florida’s resident Mary Ann Franco, 70, became blind in 1995 after a car accident. She injured her spine then. And recently, after losing the balance and falling down, she had to undergo an operation to relieve pain in her arm, neck and back.

It turned out that restoration of vision became another effect of medical interventiont. In addition, the patient got rid of color blindness, which she had suffered from before the accident.

'I get up in the morning and can see the sun's rays passing through the trees. It’s so exciting to watch this,' the American said.

This is the first case in all the medical practice. 

'I have never experienced anything like this. Perhaps an additional blood flow helped to restore her vision. But this is a theoretical suggestion only,' Franco’s doctor neurosurgeon John Afshar said.

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