Monday, May 9 2016 22:25 EEST
Jeff Monson’s shameful failure: 'Russian' patriot was knocked out on 30th second of fight in Yekaterinburg
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Jeff Monson is known for his recent statement about the readiness to train the DPR militants and to hold a master class in mixed martial arts for them. It became known that he has shamefully lost the fight against 27-year old Russian fighter Ivan Shtyrkov in Yekaterinburg.

The 45-year-old athlete 'fell down' on the 30th second after the start of the fight and was knocked down to the floor by his young rival in the very beginning of the fight, Rossiyskiy Dialog reports.

The fight took place on May 6. At the beginning of the fight Shtrykov literally laid down Monson with a powerful knock and then carried out a brilliant painful hold.

The arbitrator had no choice but to accept an immediate decision to stop the fight.

It was the fifth victory for the Monson’s young rival. He remained undefeated after all the five fights.

At that, Shtrykov’s main profile is sambo, he managed to take two bronze medals of the Russian Championship.

This is the second defeat under the Russian flag for Jeff Monson, who was eager to get Russian citizenship and then boasted of his Russian passport.

Monson confesses that he was ready to join Russian army, if it would be threatened with a great war. However, he expressed fears over the fact that he wouldn’t be accepted because of his age.

Monson’s first fight under the Russian flag was finished with his failure too, although he managed to stand for a whole minute in his fight against the Cameroonian rival.

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