Monday, May 9 2016 21:13 EEST
We’ve learned to defend our land, there is no Russian World here, this is Ukraine - Poroshenko
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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko during the opening ceremony of the monument dedicated to Ivan Mazepa in Poltava claimed that the Hetman is a symbol of resistance to Russia, and his monument is one of the main steps towards the recovery of historical truth.

Petro Poroshenko at the presentation of the monument dedicated to Mazepa noted that despite the fact that Russian Empire besmirched the Hetman’s image, he still managed to become a genuine symbol of Ukraine’s movement towards independence.

The President reckons that the external aggression of Russia against Ukraine put the things right once again, and the monument itself recovers historical truth and memory.

'We honor Ukrainian heroes, celebrate our holidays and commemorative dates, and from now on, we will never allow the expansion of Soviet-Russian imperial ideology into the Ukrainian space. It is not a 'Russian world', it is Ukrainian world,' stated Poroshenko.

The policy of national memory is one of the highest-priority directions in Ukrainian political course. We shouldn’t forget our history, otherwise we will become an easy prey for the enemy against the background of the hybrid war, Petro Poroshenko claimed.

The President also emphasized that misperceptions about Ukrainian history have been instilled into the minds of people for centuries. Thus, it is necessary to diffuse such false beliefs. 

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