Monday, May 9 2016 16:13 EEST
USA introduces its first assessment of Groysman’s actions
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The USA has commended the new government’s actions. It also had urged Groysman to continue the law-enforcement system’s reform, the US Ambassador Jeffrey Payette stated.

'The US government admires the steps which Ukraine’s PM Groysman and the government take to continue the reform process and looks forward to their continuation. One of the most important matters of the reform is a reform of Ukrainian judiciary and law enforcement. That was the goal of the Revolution of Dignity,' he said.

'I’d like to reaffirm the US commitment to support the government and the Prime Minister of Ukraine in further flow of the reform process,' Payette added.

Kiev hosted graduation of a special police unit known as KORD (corps of operational and sudden action). The corps will deal with destruction of armed organized crime.

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