Saturday, May 7 2016 23:23 EEST
In Ukraine, NATO can create a center for research on war with Russian Federation
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NATO’s center for research on experience of hybrid war with Russia can be established in Ukraine in the nearest future.

This was stated by deputy director at the Centre for Research on the Army, Conversion and Disarmament Mykhailo Samus at the press-conference in Kyiv on Friday, 'Interfax-Ukraine' reports.

According to him, the proposal for creation of such center may be announced by Western partners of Ukraine in the course of NATO summit, which is planned to be held in July in Warsaw.

Samus says that plans for the establishment of the center have been included to the business of the day along with bilateral Ukrainian-American relations in defense sector. These issues will be discussed in the course of the future visit of the United States Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter to Ukraine.

According to the Deputy Director of CEACR, within the framework of his visit, Pentagon chief intends to discuss cooperation proposals, which will be announced in the course of NATO summit in Warsaw, namely: 'The creation of NATO center for research on experience of hybrid war with Russian Federation in order for NATO to be able to use this experience.'

Samus also informed that according to a certain data Western allies may announce a proposal to Kyiv 'on granting Ukraine a new status of associate partner of NATO' during the alliance summit.

As the expert stated, Ukraine has obtained new opportunities to expand military-technical cooperation with Western partners, including the United States, against the background of the rupture of military-technical cooperation with Russian Federation due to the annexation of Crimea and the military conflict in the East of the country.

Samus asserts that bilateral visits and negotiations between the representatives of the military-industrial complex of the United States and Ukraine in order to explore the possibilities for collaboration are expected over the next few months.

'Meanwhile, the Ukrainian system (control of the military industrial complex – ed.) is not ready to fulfill these proposals,' he said.

Among the projects that are significant for improvement of the defensive capacity, specifically of Ukraine, Samus has primarily identified the projects aimed at strengthening regional security in the Black Sea region.

The Deputy Director of CEACR thinks thatthe emphasis should be put on the establishment of a special complex intended to control the situation in the Black Sea, as well as antiaircraft missile systems: the United States may have 'a certain voice in this process.' 

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